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who we are

Basic Concept, Design & Qualification LLC (BCD&Q) is an Engineering Company incorporated in the State of Texas, USA.
We are combining the expertise of accomplished professionals with the most efficient technology tools to provide our Clients with solid Engineering, Procurement and Management services.
Not being the oldest company in town: We, BCD&Q is aiming at becoming the company of choice for the maintenance and turn-around work as well as small capital investments in the oil and gas industry.

Before I founded BCD&Q I worked for more than 35 years with most of the dominant EPCM Companies in Houston-Texas. While working for these Fortune 500 companies, I actively participated in the engineering design, qualification and management of projects for most of the large operating companies in the USA, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Indonesia.

Because of our experience in the industry, we can foresee the possible challenges on a given project and minimize them. BCD&Q makes telecommuting efficient by using the services of MS Lync and Office365 Online. This Next-Generation cloud communication service allows everybody involved in a project to have live access to any data needed and to be able to add their own so that everyone uses the latest information. In addition, one license to MS Lync cloud services is provided to the client for the duration of the project. Further arrangements can be made when more licenses are required.

Contact us with your needs. BCD&Q is committed to a prompt response. However, if you are really in a rush we encourage you to give us a +1 281-773-3575.

The structure of our company allows us the flexibility to find the right person for any given task.
BCD&Q Engineers and Designers have an average practical experience of more than 20 years in the business.

Personnel with less expertise work under the strict supervision with one of the Senior or Principal engineers.


PIPE STRESS ANALYSIS is understood that all qualifications are executed per the latest US and European CODES and Governmental/ Client requirements....


Qualify the pipe line from the Tree through the Slug Catcher.

Including the Booster Stations and the “PIG” (“PIG”= Pipe Line Inspection Gages) Launcher/ Receiver Stations.


Static, Dynamic and FEA if required for Grassroots or Revamp projects.


Perform Piping stress analysis and support on Concrete, Jack Up and Floating Platforms. Load qualification for the TREE. Stress Qualification of the riser pipe connection with respect to wave or current loading. Dynamic load and stress qualification for the concrete and Jack Up platforms.



New or existing ANSI, API or Goulds Pumps

Steam Turbine

Reciprocating Compressors

Centrifugal Compressors


We will provide Code qualification for all heater lines including decoking.


Code qualification of Nozzle connection. WRC-107/297, FEA if required

Nozzle reinforcement calculation by FEA

Including thermal profiling


Fixed tube and shell Exchangers

Floating tube and shell Exchangers


Services are perform are out of our office with the exception of field trips if required or for scheduled meetings with the client or vendor.
We know that some clients may be reluctant with the idea to have work done outside of their immediate physical control. Time has changed and this may not necessarily true anymore.
Over the past 10 years, the advancement of the internet and communication technology has made possible a more efficient outsourcing to external entities in different time zones.

A well-constructed plan can make telecommunication between different time zones as effective as the communication between two different floors of a building.